Why we built Ensemble

Ensemble was built by a remote team of global software and event specialists. While we had already delivered plenty of software for professional event planners, we wanted to build a system that also gave ordinary people the power to easily create successful and memorable events. People like community leaders, sales administrators, marketing managers, association representatives, and everybody in between. We built Ensemble to help businesses, charities and communities to harness the power of live events, whether or not they have a professional event manager to help them.

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At Ensemble, we have no formal hierarchy, we value the power of fun, and we celebrate (and learn from) our mistakes. If you want to see what life is like at Ensemble, then why not download our employee handbook? We made this freely available for a reason - because we’re fiercely proud of our values, and of the way we work together.

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Today, the people called on to organise and manage events aren’t always event management specialists. They have other, full-time busy jobs. If this sounds like you, then you should download our free eBook right now. “You can run a great event!” will teach you how to plan, manage and execute successful events like a pro.

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