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Why use digital tools to make your event paperless?

Are you still using planners, notepads, and clipboards to plan your event? If so, it’s time to go paperless! Why not scrap the hard copy invitations and use digital tools to increase your productivity? You might find that this change will boost the overall quality of your event, too. Taking your event into a digital workspace will not only help you become more sustainable, it will streamline your processes and save you loads of time. You’ll cut out hours of admin, manual work and won’t risk losing track of your records. 

It’s easier than ever to produce a paperless event. In fact, using the Ensemble app is a great way to get started. 

Guest list and digital invitations

If you are still manually logging your RSVPs – stop! There’s no need to open each reply card and make a list of guests. Digital tools now make it possible to send invitations, automatically log RSVPs and create a guest list seamlessly. 

Once you’ve imported your invite list, you can send a digital invite in just one click and allow guests to reply directly. The Ensemble interface makes it easy to keep track of how many guests you have invited and how many RSVPs you have at any given moment. Another major benefit is that multiple people can have access to the guest list, which is updated in real time. 

A digital guest list also gives you an instant record of who came to your event. You won’t need to manually look back at the guest list afterwards to contact attendees and follow up with them. 


Gone are the days of stuffing envelopes and mailing out invitations or tickets. Firstly, it’s bad for the planet! And secondly, things get lost in the post, people lose tickets and it can become hard to keep track of the paper trail. 

Digital invites and online tickets are now so common that most guests will expect them. Using barcodes or QR codes is a simple way to introduce paperless ticketing for your next event. Combined with online RSVPs, you can send guests an e-ticket when they register that can be scanned upon arrival. If you have handed out physical tickets in the past, why not consider going digital instead?

Digital tools also make it easier to keep in touch with your guests. You can contact your digital guest list ahead of time with important information and also reach out to them on the day with any updates to the agenda. 

The Ensemble app also lets you engage with your guests during the event via real-time updates and interactions. You can even send over surveys to find out how guests are finding the experience and fix any issues before the event is over. 

Paperless collateral

If you plan to hand out agendas or brochures at your event, consider making these digital. Instead of printing out costly materials, invest in a mobile friendly website for your event where guests can access all the information they need in one place. For larger events, you could even think about creating a bespoke app to share maps, timetables and other information. 

Although this may seem like a costly process, a simple website could save you money and time in the long run. Or, if you are an Ensemble customer, you’ll be able to create beautiful mobile apps for your guests free of charge.

Sales and receipts

Incorporating digital invoicing into your event planning process will also help to make budgeting and accounting easier. Keep track of all your incoming and outgoing payments by creating purchase orders and receipts digitally.

Eliminate paper invoices and receipts and take everything online. That way, you’ll never lose a receipt and will be able to account for all of your expenditure in one place. Ask your finance department about implementing a paperless invoicing system if you don’t have one already – it will make things smoother for everyone. 

If you are making sales at your event, make sure that you have a smooth payment process in place to avoid delays. Consider going cashless and investing in a portable card reader to allow customers to make purchases. Offering card payments will mean that all of your accounts are in one place and may also encourage guests to spend more at the event.

Fundraising events

If you are hosting a fundraising event, using digital tools can help in several ways. Taking your auction or raffle online can eliminate tedious admin tasks and also avoid any human error. 

With a digital auction, you also have the opportunity to expand your audience beyond those in the room. You can offer items to bidders from all over the world and even open the bidding before the event begins. 

Want to find out more about how to use digital tools to make your event paperless? Start by clicking here to find out what the Ensemble app can do for your next event.

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