Create a professional event in 15 minutes

It’s easy to create memorable events that match your style, even if it’s your very first time. Select your look, add your agenda, then send out invites - guests can explore your event using the intuitive browser or smartphone app. And because Ensemble lets you create unlimited events, you can use it for all kinds of gatherings.

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Select your look

Ensemble makes it easy to create beautiful events in a matter of minutes - and the step-by-step wizard helps you quickly match your organisation’s style. Upload your logos, select your colour scheme, and tweak your layouts and registration forms to make sure everything looks and feels perfect for your guests.

Add your agenda

Your event needs more than a pretty wrapper - it needs the content your guests expect to see! Upload your agenda, schedule your sessions, add your speakers, map out your venues, register your suppliers, list your exhibitors and sponsors, and create stunning media galleries for your guests to explore.

Send out invites

Once your event is created, it’s time to invite your guests. Send invites from directly within Ensemble, and give guests access to everything they need, in one easy place - just the way you designed it. Participants can login to your event via their internet browser, or by downloading the intuitive smartphone app.

Discover how to create and manage flawless events that engage your guests