Discover insights to grow your success

Ensemble helps you make events an easy part of your toolkit, and reveals the insights you need to succeed. Whether you’re trying to build a community, generate new leads, boost your brand reputation, manage your sales team, or deliver internal training, Ensemble helps you discover what’s working, and do it better each time.

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Help everyone get the most from each gathering

Ensemble lets you gather useful and accurate information about your guests, via custom registration forms, post-event feedback surveys, and Google Analytics integration. This helps you personalise your agenda and your ongoing communication, and generate quick reports that show the success of each event.

Discover critical performance insights

Ensemble reveals critical insights about event performance, based on the metrics that matter the most. Data such as enter and exit history, session attendance and feedback scores, will help you see what’s working and what you could improve - as well as demonstrating a more clear ROI for your stakeholders.

Make events an easy part of your organisation’s DNA

Ensemble gives you the confidence to step up and prove that events can be just as easy as any other task, like creating a presentation, publishing a blog post or sending an email newsletter. And because you can run as many events as you like, you can help others in your organisation create and manage their own gatherings.

Discover how to create and manage flawless events that engage your guests