Keep guests engaged the whole way through

Ensemble helps make your events more memorable and effective, by giving you a range of tools to engage your guests and ensure everybody gets the most from each gathering. From sending out direct push notifications, to encouraging networking and interaction, Ensemble lets you keep everybody engaged before, during and after each event.

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Build pre-event hype

Communication is important from day one - Ensemble makes it easy to share news, updates or teasers before the big day arrives, with push messaging direct to guests’ mobile phones. Your organiser dashboard makes pre-event communication as easy as sending an email or a text message, with no technical expertise needed.

Real-time networking and engagement

There are plenty of ways to engage guests during each gathering. From event walls and social feeds, to forums and instant messaging. Guests can manage contact requests or set availability in their calendar, and if your event is digital, live video streams give speakers and sponsors an effective way to deliver content.

Stay in touch

Making your event memorable means keeping in touch with your guests even after the streamers have been swept away. Ensemble lets you stay in touch with guests between events - easily send recordings, presentations, thank you emails, feedback surveys, links to photo galleries, or notifications about your next event.

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